August 20, 2017

Flat Fees

While Zeeshan Baig – Toronto Probate Lawyer does charge a reasonable hourly rate for the administration of an estate, he charges all-inclusive flat fees for uncontested probate applications. Having a flat fee for a service means that the total fee amount is set in the retainer agreement before a lawyer’s work begins. When the lawyer’s work is completed, there are no surprises for the clients when an invoice arrives.

Having a loved one pass away is hard enough without needing to be concerned about whether you’re being charged too much for probate. Zeeshan prides himself in keeping his legal fees competitive, and passes the savings on to you. He can do this because:

  • You will not see Zeeshan advertising on the side of a bus or off the Gardiner Expressway. He keeps his overhead low so that he can compete based on price as well as quality.
  • If you visit Zeeshan’s office, you will see that he does not spend more money than necessary on furniture or décor.
  • If you retain Zeeshan, you will deal directly with a licensed Ontario lawyer, not a clerk. He answers the phone himself.