Interpreting an Unclear Will

Having a will and an estate plan is essential. It is shocking how many people delay having a will made or updated for them and setting in motion a plan for their estate. That being said, no matter how urgent it may seem to have a will made or updated, it is extremely important that this work be done with a careful eye. This can and unfortunately often does lead to one’s intentions being unclear.

If you have been named the executor of a will that is unclear, don’t make the mistake of managing the estate based on best guesses or assumptions. This kind of scenario may call for an application to the Superior Court of Justice to have the will interpreted by a judge. The judge’s job here will be to root out the intention of the deceased.

Without the clarity of such an application, disagreements on the interpretations of different family members can continue endlessly and delay the closing of the estate’s books for just as long.

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